Will the Church Take On Our Sins … and Our Punishments?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASouth Carolina has introduced a bill that, amongst other things, will make faith groups liable for any crimes committed by the refugees they sponsor. The idea is to legislate against terrorism but the law is too narrow in its definition.

I contend that, since religion has defined itself as the creator and manager of morality, and since committing crimes is a violation of that morality and of the public trust, all faith organizations should be held accountable for the actions of those they sponsor, and this includes their own members.

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Time to Shelve the Ten Commandments

Just yesterday I got in an argument with a neighbor who insisted that the only laws we really need are enumerated in the Ten Commandments. Being somewhat versed in this artifact of primitive culture, I foolishly pointed out that the first four items simply emphasized the need to adhere to a jealous god. And then, in the best Abbott and Costello fashion, my neighbor said, “Of course.” Damn! Here I was a highly educated critical thinker trying to convince a neighbor here in South Carolina than there were many problems with her understanding of her religion.

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Why America Still Can’t Talk About Race

racismExcellent article at Salon by Elias Isquith titled, “It embarrasses them, they feel ashamed”: Why America still can’t talk about race. Salon interviewed Angela Blackwell, the founder of the progressive think tank: POLICYLINK.

One of the questions dealt with the inconvenient truth that racism is still alive and quite active in today’s America. Look at Ferguson, Missouri. Please go to Salon of read the complete article. But first, an excerpt or two:

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