Right To Life After Birth

Four HorsemenI fully believe that a woman has sovereignty over her own body and that a gang of old white men should keep their meddling misconceptions out of a woman’s way. But I wonder if this is the most efficacious dialogue we can have to support such controversial subjects as birth control or abortion?

We do hear some progressives recognizing that the typical right-to-life advocate is only concerned with promoting life up until birth. After a baby is born it drops off the conservative radar and can undergo any and all pain and suffering, including death, without the right-to-lifers even giving notice.

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A Daughter of Eve

BalzacA good challenge for any reader is to complete the large number of stories and novels by Honoré de Balzac known collectively as La Comédie humaine. If you’re interested in good writing (unfortunately, not always so good but for the most part excellent), the history of the development of fiction and the novel, or especially in a vivid and detailed depiction of life in France in the early 19th century, then La Comédie humane is for you.

For the last few years I was involved in a group read of all of Balzac’s works (and he was prolific) but ran out of steam toward the end. So now I’m gradually filling in the gaps. My latest read was the novel, A Daughter of Eve. This one was a fun read and I recommend it even if you don’t intend to read the complete Comédie.

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