May I Have a Large Container of Coffee

suzuki_edgeDon’t think of U2 band members but rather those popular books that became the Ring franchise at the movies. Yes, the author is Koji Suzuki and, although not a part of the Ring series, he has returned to the successful and highly profitable genre involving a highly technical reality that rapidly turns into unspeakable horror. The work in question is titled, Edge (with apologies to The).

World Literature Today gives a fine review of the novel.

In Edge, Koji Suzuki devises an inspired premise and pummels it half to death. Suzuki has been touted as Japan’s answer to Stephen King. Wrong. Suzuki may be the answer, but King is not the question. Suzuki lacks King’s gift for weaving seamless stories peopled with multidimensional characters. More important, Suzuki dislikes horror, describing himself in a 2005 interview as “the complete opposite of a ‘horror’ sort of person.” …

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The Census

Several years ago I was involved in a discussion that posited a future for this country where all its citizens were a uniform coffee and cream color since all the variations of white to brown to black would have blended together. Being a blue-eyed blond, this seemed weird to me—all those brown eyes, that brown hair, and that pale brown skin—but at the same time it suggested a handsome vision of the human race, straight out of Jorge Amado.

Have you ever wonder about those futuristic space stories that inevitably landed on some planet and all the inhabitants of the planet looked alike? Why was the planet was uniformly populated while the crew of the spaceship were still white, black, asian, cossack, and even vulcan? If you recall, even the vulcans were all alike with only minor variations in the bushiness of their eyebrows. So we humans envision a future where all the variations of the human animal will still be maintained. That is far more unbelievable than traveling to the ends of the universe or William Shatner winning an Academy Award.

So what is it with this latest census that announce that for the first time in recorded history, more non-white babies were born in the United States than white babies? Before you grab your carbine and head to the hills of Idaho, stop and exercise your brain. First, the melding of the variations of humanity is inevitable and hopefully will be a good thing (although none of us alive now are going to see it). What is so special about having white, pasty skin? Off the cuff, I would say that the whitest country around is Russia:  is White Supremacy a disguised longing for Mother Russia? But the real issue is what the census means.

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