XFX: The Concept of a Shark


Okay. I have reached a conclusion about The Raw Shark Texts:  it is the story of a man that is very much in love with a woman who accidentally dies when they are on holiday and he discovers that he can’t seem to cope with the loss.

But even a simple story can be imaginatively twisted and injected with complexity and fantasy until it evokes a world unlike that which is familiar to most readers.

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XFX: Who also read The Raw Shark Texts?

Raw Shark Texts

The recent selection at the Experimental Fiction group (see XFX on this web site) was The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. I  finished reading the book the other day and am still cogitating over what I thought of it. For an quick review I suggest that anyone interested in transgressive fiction will really enjoy this novel, but I’m not clear in my own mind what the book was actually about. I think I have a good idea and will probably write a more extensive review later. One small comment is that this novel pairs interestingly with The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus.

In the meantime, if you read The Raw Shark Texts, what was your opinion? What did you think the book was about?

XFX: There is no stillness


In the early days of my second life I noticed how the shadow of a telegraph pole would inch between the gardens of two houses across the street—from 152 to the garden of 150—over the course of several hours, from lunchtime into evening. After watching this afew times Idid the maths: the shadow movement from one garden to the next meant that both houses, the telegraph pole, the street, all of us, had travelled one thousand, one hundred and sixty miles around the earth with the turning of the planet. We’d also travelled about seventy-six thousand miles through space around the sun in the same period and much much further as part of the wider spiralling of the galaxy. And nobody noticed a thing. There is no stillness, only change. Yesterday’s here is not today’s here. Yesterday’s here is somewhere in Russia, in a wilderness in Canada, a deep blue nowhere out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s behind the sun, it’s in deep space, hundreds of thousands, millions of miles left behind. We can never wake up in the same place we went to sleep in. Our place in the universe, the universe itself, it all changes faster and faster by the second. Every one of us standing on this planet, we’re all moving forwards and we’re never ever coming back. The truth is, stillness is an idea, a dream. It’s the thought of friendly, welcoming lights still shining in all the places we’ve been force to abandon. — from The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall