Nabokov’s Double

LolitaIn 1934 Vladimir Nabokov wrote the novel Otchayanie (Отчаяние) in Russian. The English translation is Despair. I read the translation since as an American I don’t feel I need to learn the language of another country … just kidding, I’m too old and lazy. I suppose you should consider Despair to be an early work by the author, with most of the major works coming in the 1950s and 1960s.

When did you first read Lolita? I was in High School and just old enough to slip into the age restricted showing of the 1962 film adaptation. My fondest memory of the movie was that Sue Lyon was not old enough to see the movie she starred in … oh, and James Mason played a quite presentable dirty old man. I understand that the Jeremy Irons’ 1997 remake was superb but I haven’t seen it (I’ve been too busy being my own dirty old man).

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