The Beavis & Butt-Head Syndrome

A few years back I visited an independent bookstore which only offered titles dedicated to overt feminism, lesbian activities, and possibly a few other LGBQ+ issues. Despite being a meat eating grunt, I am fascinated by gender studies and this bookstore was a wonderland.

But what if I was offended by the open display of a more liberal representation of sexuality than I accepted?

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Picking Flowers

Between the English Department and the Comparative Literature Department I flooded my university schedule with classes in Twentieth Century Literature—American, English, French, Italian, German—specific author concentrations—Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Pope, Cervantes, Dostoevsky—and several other survey courses—Restoration Drama, Romantic Poetry, Latin and Greek Drama, Medieval Literature. Add to this some supporting courses in Literary Criticism, Linguistics, Rhetoric, and I left the university with what I felt was an excellent understanding of literature.

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