Literary Sundae: Fruit, Nuts, a Little Whipped Topping

candied-coconut-sundaejpg-01b9a12712b7c5acIt’s a cold, rainy day here and I find myself reviewing some of my reading from the last twenty some-odd years. I notice that several of my most well-thought-of titles were read more than once, generally because of an online reading group selection or possibly a new translation or even reading in the original as well as in translation. I suppose it’s possible I reread a book or two just for the fun of it but that would be unusual since I tend to discard or trade-away anything I’ve already read.

I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the top four titles I read for each year. I won’t vouch for the ranking or even whether a book would interest me today, but generally I consider most of these books to be highly recommended.

What do you think? The full list of twenty titles per year is at Best-By-Year.

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Books of Interest for May 2013

It’s starting to get hot but I still enjoy sitting out on my lanai reading and watching the alligators. We had a really big one here recently; dog walkers went out in packs at night. I am still attempting to gather and read digital editions of my books, even the ones I already own in ink and paper form. I really must have the ability to increase the font size to make them readable so my trusty iPad gets quite a workout.

05-01-13 – Netsuke — Rikki Ducornet
05-02-13 – The Ogre — Michel Tournier
05-03-13 – The Woman In the Dunes – Kobo Abé
05-04-13 – The Housekeeper and the Professor — Yukio Osawa
05-05-13 – Lust — Elfriede Jelinek
05-06-13 – Gould — Stephen Dixon
05-07-13 – Cesar Birotteau — Honoré de Balzac
05-08-13 – Chimera — John Barth
05-09-13 – In Memorium to Identity — Kathy Acker
05-10-13 – This Blinding Absence of Light — Tahar Ben Jelloun
05-11-13 – The Mezzanine — Nicholson Baker
05-12-13 – The Book of Illusions — Paul Auster
05-13-13 – The Strange Case of Peter the Lett – Georges Simenon
05-14-13 – The Savage Detectives — Roberto Bolaño
05-15-13 – The Inquisitory — Robert Pinget
05-16-13 – Silas Marner — George Eliot
05-17-13 – Ask the Dust — John Fante
05-18-13 – Case Closed — Patrik Ourednik
05-19-13 – Spies — Michael Frayne
05-20-13 – The Poor Mouth — Flann O’Brien
05-21-13 – Barabbas — Pär Lagerkvist
05-22-13 – La Bâtarde — Violette Leduc
05-23-13 – The Terrors of Ice and Darkness — Christoph Ransmayr
05-24-13 – The Bridegroom Was a Dog — Yoko Tawada
05-25-13 – The Last Days of Louisiana Red — Ishmael Reed
05-26-13 – Van Gogh’s Bad Café: A Love Story — Frederic Tuten
05-27-13 – The Castle of Otranto — Horace Walpole
05-28-13 – Scoop — Evelyn Waugh
05-29-13 – The Invention of Curried Sausage — Uwe Timm
05-30-13 – House of Leaves — Mark Z. Danielewski
05-31-13 – School’s Out — Christophe Dufossé