Summer Reading At Tin House

M-TH68-SK-rgb.jpgIt’s here .. the latest issue of Tin House Magazine. But even more important, I can now access the digital edition of the journal, thus saving me space in my soon-to-be restrictive digs down in Florida.

The new Tin House is #68 and is the annual Summer Reading issue. Just flipping through the pages I can see that there is a great deal of reading here that I will have to balance against my planned bookshelf reduction I so carefully detailed in advance of having to pack up my books prior to my move.

Here’s what they say:

Summer Reading


Fiction: Dorthe Nors, Malerie Willens, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Saša Stanišić, Deb Olin Unferth, Michael Braunschweig, Alexis M. Smith, Eric Puchner, Josh Weil, Sean Ennis, Jackson Tobin

Features: Michael Dickman, Marin Sardy

Poetry: Dorianne Laux, Sam Riviere, John Ashbery, Joseph Millar, Michael Burkard, Per Aage Brandt, Anna Journey

Lost & Found: Nathan Gauer, Alexandra Pechman, Sarah Bridgins, Joel Drucker, Whitney Otto

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Beach Bag Books for Old Farts


It’s that time again when AARP makes a few suggests for adult summer reading. I suppose that the designation of “beach reads” allows for a tendency to suggest breezy popular fare but I can reasonably predict that I will not be reading any of these titles this summer. In New Jersey we rented a house at the Shore every year and three families (or so) spent a week or two toasting in the sun, overeating, and trying to read while the swim suits got smaller and smaller on the women and girls cavorting in the surf (so distracting). For me this was a chance to read some of those truly fat and difficult books that otherwise would gather dust on my shelves year after year. For some reason I tended to go for the Russian authors.

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Summer Reading

Tin HouseMy idea of a popular yet informative approach to contemporary literature and the newest writers around the world is the journal Tin House. I’ve spoken of this journal before and will continue to suggest everyone to at least take a peek into an issue if not go for a regular subscription. I have nothing to do with the publication but I know that most of my friends who have followed my advice are quite pleased with Tin House.

Today the mailman stuffed my mailbox with multiple issues of travel brochures from a company I used over five years ago (they just won’t give up but I will say, their brochures are lovely and their printing must have been costly: too bad I just toss them in the garbage), two or three bills or invoices, a real estate come-on, and Volume 15, Number 4 of Tin House full of interesting Summer Reading. Now I have enjoyed two cups of coffee at my desk while I reviewed the great stuff in this newest issue.

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