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A Friend of the Earth

images.jpgWere you a Hippie? A Digger? An Ecoterrorist? Is your bookshelf overflowing with back issues of Mother Earth News, the Whole Earth Catalogue, and Zap Comix? Did somebody steal your copy of Abbie Hoffman’s book? Have you ever stuffed a burrito up a tail pipe? How many rotations are there in a Dumpster Dive?

Are you a friend of the earth?

T. C. Boyle’s novel, A Friend of the Earth, poses a lot of questions about how best to be a friend of the earth and I believe most self-professed environmentalists and all wannabe ecoterrorists would do well to stop and consider what they are doing. The lingering question in the novel is clearly whether the ecoterrorists are actually effective and whether what they do is objectively good for the planet.

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World’s End

World's EndWorld’s End by T.C. Boyle should be high on everyone’s reading list. It’s well written historical fiction chronicling the major families in the North of Westchester County on up the Hudson Valley. Ground zero is the patroon who maintains the feudal relationship with his tenant farmers. There are local natives too who share with the Dutch in giving this area of the country so many colorful names. In fact, there are enough names and families and bloodlines to call for a detailed list of characters at the front of the book.

But if World’s End is about the history of this small part of the country, it is also about people and relationships. It is a compelling read.

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