Gun Possession and Other Options

Through a rather perverted interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, Americans have the right to own deadly weapons … guns. Nowadays the combination of Tea Party activists (and their behind-the-scenes support groups like the Koch brothers), the Conservative Republican Dog-Whistle Party, and any wing-nut with more than three tattoos and a Gadsen Flag, support and advocate the open carrying of deadly weapons with sufficient ordnance to guarantee a spot up front in the line at the Winn-Dixie on the eve of most any barbecue holiday in America.

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Manchurian Candidate?

Visionary? Great American? Political Whore? Treasonous Scum? TomAnd it was up to the Iranians to correct Cotton’s faulty knowledge of the United States Constitution. Good move, Tom. With Senators like you, who needs enemies?

See the other freshman Senators at Credo … brought to you by Tom Tomorrow. Of course Credo is focusing on the new Senators supported by the big Telcom companies like Verizon and AT&T but with the current obscenity of the Senate 47, Tom Cotton is front and center in the Idiocracy.


Galt and God

Ayn Rand

Back when I left home and entered the university I saw a notice on a bulletin board (the real cork kind) about what I believe then was called the New Romanticism. Since I was intending to concentrate on studying the Romantic poets (especially John Keats) I was ready for my first meeting of the New Romantics. Unfortunately I soon discovered that this was all a front for what Ayn Rand called Objectivism. It didn’t take too long to realize that the crap being handed out by the followers of Any Rand was directed towards the gullible and stupid people who were the precursors of the ME-ME-ME generation.

I read a portion of Rand’s works—Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead—and was appalled at how poorly written they were and how obvious their silliness was to anyone with any critical thinking skills. I dumped Any Rand immediately.

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