More evidence of the dumbing down of America

schoolHow can you be upset at the cretins in the House of Representatives, the GOP and the Tea Party, and all those mislead voters who supported these government zombies when there is clear evidence that this country is more concerned with greed, myth, and lying than it is with truth, critical thinking, and human values?

I have noticed that more and more technology is being used in the schools: Smart Boards, Tablet Computers, remote learning, internet access, digitized libraries, etc. Now I might be a technology geek myself but are we using technology to replace thinking?

I was schooled before the advent of pocket calculators and am adept at long division and cursive writing. When I was working in Newark I sat next to two students at a small café enjoying my sausage and eggs; one student had a Bowmar Brain and the excitement was epic. But a few years later I heard the sighs of students all over the state when they sat down to their math finals and were told to put their calculators away. Pobrecitos.

Here is more evidence to the dumbing down of America taken from Think Progress by way of Nation of Change.

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Should Oral Sex Be a Crime?

My news feed this morning started with a major scare that Time’s arrow actually was turning backwards. I read that the state of Virginia may make all oral and anal sex illegal. I took a while to compose myself and enjoy a fried egg sandwich before I read the details of this shocker.

oral sex

First, it isn’t the state of Virginia that wants to make any form of sex that won’t lead to more babies (often unwanted) but it was only the Republican contender for governor of the state that was advocating the criminalization of oral and anal sex. Please note the irony: he also campaigns on the value of less government in our lives, less regulation, and more personal freedom to thrive on our downward slide on one of the greatest transfers of wealth the world has ever known.

Of course the re-criminalization of sodomy doesn’t have anything to do with the war on women or being anti-homosexual or supporting an expired law that was declared unconstitutional years ago. No, it is to protect the children of Virginia against the tactics of sexual predators who rely on sodomy to do their evil deeds. There is even a hint that since sexual predators inevitably drive to the shopping mall to cruise their victims, Ken Cuccinelli might be considering a ban on all motorized forms of transportation in the state, again, to make it safe for our children to flourish in an Idiocracy.

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