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Fiction Crash?

racingI have admitted many times that I do not, in general, enjoy reading Science Fiction. There are several titles, however, that although based in a world of future imagination, are still valuable explorations into the meaning of being human and the relationships between people and their world. But there are also too many simple “Dick and Jane” stories that have Jack go up the hill to fetch a zero-gravity canister full of anti-matter only to have Jill surprise him with a fully-charged blaster and a one-way ticket on the teleport to the bottom of the hill.

I am reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I’m only flipping double-digit pages but I have to stop and make comment now since I may very well consign my copy of Snow Crash to the garbage disposal (no, it’s not a robotic computer controlled magic garbage disposal but it will do a pretty good job on the average paperback).

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