Erasing U. S. History

Texas It has been a concern for years and I have tried to spread the warning in earlier posts, but here we go again.

Texas represents two major themes in this controversy. First, being the second most populist state in the union, Texas commands a major role in the content and publication of learning materials, not just in Texas, but throughout the country: after all, publishers don’t want to lose profits by printing one textbook for Texas and another for the rest of the United States.

I didn't read in my history textbook about the Japanese
internment until I was about to graduate from college (and even
then the book we used was banned from the public High Schools).
The irony here is that my father enjoyed dividing his time between
his lounge chair and taking long drives all over the southwest.
I had seen the remains of the internment camps and was aware of
the fact that my country wasn't always exceptional .. or even

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Yahweh Deserves Better

GohmertHow can anyone pass up an article that has the sub-heading,

Yahweh Deserves Better than Texas Primitive Gohmert?

I don’t think the main point of this article is that Louis Gohmert is almost as smart as an armadillo, but rather that he does an admirable job of spreading the silliness and inanity of Christian Fundamentalism and therefore functions as an ideal congressman representing the large state of Texas.

The full title of this piece published at Nation of Change by Robert S. Becker is

Mocking Literalists Defy ‘Literal’ Science for ‘Creation Myth’

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I always knew text books were full of crap

movieI was recently musing that the figures we hear relating to the earth’s population, the Federal budget, the number of pixels supported by the newest digital cameras, are all obviously wrong and possibly a hoax being perpetrated on good church-going people in a thinly disguised war against religion. Not one of those numbers is mentioned in the Bible. I think Biblical mathematics should receive equal attention in our schools and text books since traditional mathematics is actually the legacy of  pagan tribes wandering around Europe and other non-Christian peoples aliening with their gutter religions.

This brings me to the Texas State Board of Education and a little article in Mother Jones:

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