This comes from The Vocabula Review as an example of Disagreeable English. I can’t disagree … it’s disagreeable.


As the most popular books are sometimes the least worthy of being read, so the most public people are sometimes the least worthy of being known. If we must acknowledge these creatures — these celebrities — let us better understand them for who they are. All dictionary definitions of celebrity should include 1. a mediocrity; a vulgarian; a coxcomb. 2. a scantly talented person who through shameless self-aggrandizement and utter inanity becomes widely known. 3. a repellent person.

What is a “Read” ?

TVRIn a recent email from The Vocabula Review (Robert Hartwell Fiske) I received the strong admonishment that anyone using the word “read” as a noun (as in “It was a good read.”) was possibly causing the first brick to fall from the edifice of civilization. Now I highly recommend that everyone subscribe and read Fiske’s excellent online monthly The Vocabula Review, but I have a problem with this last bit of instruction: you see, I regularly refer to a non-specified article of human expression as a “read.”

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