Women Are People, Corporations Are Not People

Thom HartmannI like to listen to Thom Hartmann on the radio (around lunchtime or rebroadcast in the wee hours of the morning) and more often than not I am in agreement with his progressive views. Hartmann has a background that is conducive to honest thinking about the state of the country that is so refreshing in contrast to the right-wing conservative bubble which denies and distorts reality.

Hartmann has an entry in Wikipedia of you are curious. One thing you should notice is the extensive and varied list of books he has written through the years (see list below).

The latest Supreme Court ruling have been prime topics for Hartmann these last couple of days. Here is his op-ed on this subject from Nation of Change which you will certainly want to read in its entirety:

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It’s Time For Shooter’s Insurance

Do you believe that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution grants unlimited rights to ordinary citizens to own and carry around loaded guns with no consequences? Do you support those highly questionable legal rulings that insist on the right of a citizen to place himself or herself in a dicey position that may well be resolved by gun-fire and a pool of blood? Do you place the right of a citizens to engaging in target practice over the rights of young children to live without fear of being blown away by a revolver left out on the kitchen table one night?

The following is excerpted from “The Daily Take” on The Thom Hartmann Program as printed in TruthOut. (See also Gun Liability Laws, here and here).

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