An Interesting Reading List

First this from one of the greatest of our founding fathers:

JeffersonSam Harris has been an outspoken spokesman for the probability that organized is religion is not only incredibly silly and easily refuted, but moreso for taking it that extra step and concluding that organized religions are actually the world’s most dangerous organizations. Or to put it a simpler way: Religion kills people.

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Liberal Education Matters

UniversityHere is a book I must read: Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters by Michael S. Roth. I have commented several times in the past about my own theories of education in America. Basically I understand that free public education was designed to prepare warm bodies with basic skills so as to furnish the captains of industry with a ready source of labor. In today’s terms, it was a form of corporate welfare.

But at the same time we have our founding fathers championing education as being required to support democracy with a citizenry capable of thinking and reasoning. Thomas Jefferson clearly understood that developing a student’s capacity for life-long learning within a university structure was necessary for science and commerce while also being essential for democracy: the university should not be solely academic but also should not be limited to simply training young people for pre-selected jobs.

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