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A Spenser Orgy

When Robert B. Parker died in 2010 I checked and saw that I had not read the last two Spenser novels so I added them to my list and read both of them last year. But as often happens, I was noting the newest Spenser published by the Parker estate but written by a carefully selected substitute and realized that the list of Spenser novels in the book was assuredly the final list. When I was in college it was suggested that I study only poets that had died, since then subsequent works would not be forthcoming to spoil my theories of the author’s writing.

So Parker is dead, I have read all the books he wrote, and I have the diffiitive list in front of me … so what do I find? More than five titles that do not appear on my Reading Inventory. Thanks to zippy computer searches, I was able to identify a few inaccuracies in my Parker list but five novels stood out as being unfamiliar (I even read the synopses at Google or Amazon). So this last weekend I made up the list, requested all five books at the library and subsequently found four of them online for my iPad reading pleasure (and, of course, free of charge). At the uber-literary chat Sunday night I told the intellectual world that I was intending to wallow in Spenser, Hawk, and Susan this week. Actually, Spenser appears to be more of a television memory than what comes from reading the books, so maybe the chat group is not that intellectual.

So this week has been full of Spenser:

  • Crimson Joy
  • Stardust
  • Pastime
  • Now and Then
  • Rough Weather.

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