Guerrilla Fiction

Don't PanicTacked on to the end of Moxie Mezcal’s novel, Concrete Underground, is the Guerrilla Manifesto. This introduces us to the field of guerrilla fiction. I thought it would be interesting to consider the ideas behind guerrilla fiction and the experimental or transgressive fiction that is championed at XFX.

First, the introduction to the Experimental Fiction (XFX) section of ACOR:

This group started on Yahoo. It was designed to concentrate on the types of fiction that we do not normally find on the front rounder at the local big-box bookstore. We call it experimental fiction but it might be considered imaginative fiction, surfiction, and the many other designations that have been applied to fiction throughout the years whenever it doesn’t follow the rules of the mainstream.

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Books Mentioned In July

booksEvery month I select a daily title that I have read and recommend or perhaps I have spent good money on and hope it lives up to the acclaim or maybe I heard it was worth reading and am passing on the suggestion. You might have noticed that, aside from a reasonably good foundation in the less contemporary and more classical literature, I tend to turn toward the decidedly transgressive examples of literature. Furthermore, I do not consider my home country as anything more special than the literatures of peoples and countries all around the world. Ezra Pound spoke of the central value of translations in literature but I still wish I could read more books in the original languages.

The July List

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