Books In a Series

There once was a website that itemized the many series’ found in the mystery genre, giving the titles, main characters, publishing dates, and even the chronological order of all the books. I’ve lost track of this site but suspect that it still exists, maybe in a “for-fee” arrangement. I don’t think I got involved with these mystery series until the 1980s when my wife (the librarian) introduced me to the likes of Fletch, Travis McGee, Monsieur Pamplemousse, Joe Leaphorn, and Spenser. I have followed these series mysteries somewhat faithfully, along with many others that at least held my interest for a few novels. There were definitely many low points in the series’ but I usually allowed the author an occasional dud and continued reading when the next book was published. Even the long-running Spenser slipped into mediocrity when Susan moved to Los Angeles, but she came back eventually and the series improved greatly.

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