June Reading Selections & Ukuleles

UkeDeciding what to stack on the corner of your desk for possible reading during the month of June is too much of a Sophie’s Choice, but it has to be done. I will admit that the stack is much smaller nowadays, not because I’m reading less (although I used to select forty titles for each month) but because so many upcoming titles are just entries in a digital list and waiting for me to read them on my iPad.

I might not read as much this month since it’s getting hotter out on the lanai and I tend to fall asleep in the lounge chair where I read in the bedroom (with the overhead fan swirling and a hot dog-body draped across my lap). Also, old age has forced me to downsize my musical urges: I have given away the dreadnaught, hidden the guitar, gifted the mandolin, and now I am intending to fool around on my newly purchased ukulele: I figured, four strings of soft nylon might work with my gnarled old hands, at least for a while (then I pass it on to my son-in-law to go with the guitars and mandolins).

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