But it’s my vacation .. I deserve it!

CruiseI took out a car loan a couple of years ago wherein I promised to pay the loan company a certain amount of money each month and the contract made it very clear what the penalties were if I was late with a payment and what legal actions would be taken against me if I were to default on the loan. Now I want to take my girlfriend on a cruise to warm exotic islands where we can escape the winter weather and have some naughty fun. I’ve carefully checked my finances and the only way I can afford the cruise is to use the monies set aside for the car payments over the next three months. I wrote the loan company and explained the situation very carefully but I received an angry response suggesting either that I was mentally challenged or that the vigorish was only negotiable if I donated my kneecaps first.

I don’t understand. I obviously got myself into a financial situation where I just wasn’t going to have enough money to pay the car loan. Didn’t the loan company see the reality of the budget short-fall? Did they expect me to cut my entertainment budget just to pay off a car that isn’t looking too new nowadays anyway?

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We’re #1 and should be ashamed of ourselves

Five Shameful Ways the US Is Leading the World

Sunday, 11 August 2013 11:21
By Judy Molland

ObeseAmerica, the land of the brave and the free. America, the best country in the world. That’s how many Americans like to speak of their country and indeed, it is the reason many immigrants see the United States as the land of their dreams.

There’s a dark side to this, however: ways in which this country is the best that it should not be proud of.

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The United States of Burgers

Try out the map at Serious Eats
Try out the map at Serious Eats

From Serious Eats:

Every state has its bird, and it turns out that most, if not all, states have their burgers. We think these iconic state-centric burgers deserve their own map. Why? Because it’s a big country out there, but we all love burgers, and every corner of that country should get some recognition.

Think onion burgers in Oklahoma, Northern Jersey sliders, or the moose burgers in Alaska that Sarah Palin refers to (we don’t actually know anyone who’s ever had one of those). The burgers on our map aren’t necessarily the best, and we’re not telling you the one place to get your burger. It’s all about the burgers that represent these united states.

In a few states we had a little bit of fun inventing burgers; even our knowledge has its limits. So we leave the state bird maps to the ornithological sites. But if you want to know more about regional burgers around the U.S. and have some fun where we took creative license, this map is for you.