Chinese Vegetables and the Dude

Vegetable Stir FryFor lunch I had a bowl of authentic Asian Stir-Fry with authentic Asian Vegetables. Delicious … but …  when did broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots become the indigenous vegetables of Asia? What’s next: lima beans and black-eyed peas?

When I was young I enjoyed Asian food from the local Chinese Restaurant in the strip mall down the road, or a secret Asian eatery in an obscure town where my family was the only non-Asians in the room … eating family-style out of one huge bowl in the center of a large round table, or even elegant dining high above San Francisco with enameled chargers beneath fine china plates and artistic koi doing spirals and loops in a large aquatic garden forming the wall behind my head. Never once do I remember an Asia dish which consisted of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in a light brown sauce.

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What Would Adelle Davis Say?

I know, we have to accept change to live in a post 9/11 world but this is ridiculous and clearly shows how the Congress of the United States is controlled by money at the expense of common sense. I popped this off of a Newsweek feed:

Congress Says Pizza Is a Vegetable

Congress put its own unique spin on the food pyramid this week, declaring that tomato sauce on pizza still counts as a serving of vegetables in school lunches. The decision—tacked onto an agriculture spending bill—squashes an almost yearlong campaign by the Agriculture Department to make school lunches healthier. The campaign had argued that the volume of tomato sauce—and thus the nutritional value—should be measured before it’s mixed with water and spread on a slice of pizza. However, food companies lobbied Congress to the tune of $5.6 million to maintain the status quo.

Now I like pizza and would enjoy it more often if someone would discover how to keep the carbs out of the pie, but to call pizza a vegetable is just stupid. However, in defense of the pizza pie world, if the slice served in the school lunchroom is of the Supreme variety that is piled high with onions and olives and green peppers and tomatoes and hot peppers and capers and artichoke hearts, then I might agree that it is a serving of vegetables. Around here we have lots of pies covered with shrimp or crab or scallops so I guess that would qualify as a serving of seafood, especially if you add my favorite, anchovies. The one thing I will not agree with is that a pepperoni pizza provides a serving of meat … have you seen how thin they are slicing the pepperoni today?