Who Predicted Trump?

48692399.cachedEver since reading The True Believer in college I have admired its author, Eric Hoffer, and truly believed in the political philosophies he espoused. The True Believer is a short book, but a book you may read more than once. This morning I discovered an article by Tom Snachtman in The Daily Beast which effectively suggests that Hoffer predicted the rise of Donald Trump 65 years ago.

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Argumentation and its Narrative Payoff


ARnold ConanIt’s been a long time since I read Lakoff and Johnson’s book Metaphors We Live By, but I was recently thinking the internet has surely added a lot of good material for some of its central themes. The the notion of argumentation as warfare comes to mind. In that book, they advanced the notion that a lot of the metaphors people use for argumentation are those associated with warfare and violence in general. This is certainly born out by a number of things you can see on the net.

To see what people say about argumentation on the internet, it would seem that the world of debate is tremendously violent. Everywhere one looks, one finds destruction in the wake of a rhetorical flourish. Case in point? “Pres Obama Brilliantly Destroys a Loaded FOXNews Question” in this clip. Go Bama! But wait a minute? Is that an accomplishment?…

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