Diving Into the Reading Pool

Jeanette and I At B&N (HHI)I used to spend almost as much time in coffee shops and Barnes & Noble as I did at home (not counting the hours of sleep orbed-tossing). Even when I didn’t need to go to Starbuck’s, my wife would take me shopping and drop me off for coffee and several hours of reading. I knew all the baristas and seldom needed to actually order my usual since it was started as I was opening the door and looking for an empty seat.

It’s true that I would put together my very fluid pool of books to read for the next year while relaxing in Barnes & Noble with a venti Americano and a stack of A5 printouts of the contents of my bookshelves.

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GOP Phishing

GOPI read somewhere that the phrase “crooked GOP’ is redundant and just referencing the term “GOP” is sufficient to indicate sleazy, illegal tactics. I therefore pass this on as a public service to unsuspecting political donors that might fall for a wealthy Nigerian businessman or a GOP campaigner out to steal their money.

Just when you think the Republican Party couldn’t get any more sleazy something like this comes along.

Republican Party wing creates 18 fake websites for Democrats

By Daniel Rothberg at The Daily Kos

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