George Gissing and the Writer’s Life

I have a good-reading-buddy who has always pressed me to read more Gissing, especially New Grub Street. Well, I have read several of Gissing’s texts and even read New Grub Street but was interrupted and didn’t finish the whole book. I keep promising myself that I will finish but now it has been too long and I will have to start at the beginning again.

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Henry Miller

Norman Mailer once said that when Henry Miller gets rolling, there is nothing like his writing: “One has to take the language back to Marlowe and Shakespeare before encountering a wealth of imagery equal in intensity.” I agree but of course in today’s fast-paced quick-gratification world, it begs the question that a wealth of imagery is prized any longer. I have bummed around the many online reading groups for more than fifteen years and it is a common complaint that an author uses too many words. What is ironic is that similar passages in other books are deemed by the same people to be poetic and beautiful writing.

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