Second Quarter Reading At XFX

Don't PanicWith my upcoming move and the radical simplification of my life (not to mention dumping most of my books and belongings that I have acquired through the years), I’m intending to simplify the ACOR website. Right now I have every intention of continuing but the loss of my bookshelves and extra room for books and my sketchy eyesight suggests that I de-emphasize the bookshelves pages and possibly drop the XFX sub-site (blending it into the regular reading).

XFX has been around for a while and I know many readers have been introduced to new and experimental literature through the site. However, if I simplify things, I will keep going with ACOR. As I said, XFX would be integrated into the basic site and, after a review of whatever books may remain after the move, the Bookshelves may move to be a sub-item under Lists.

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XFX: New Titles for Readers of Experimental Fiction

The titles selected for reading at the Experimental Fiction group (XFX) during the Fourth Quarter of 2013 have been selected and are now posted on the XFX section of this website. To make things easier, however, I have copied them below and added a few words of encouragement.

10-15 - The Water Thief – Nicholas Lamar Soutter

This is not a super literary novel by a great author, but it is an easy and fun read which underneath it all is a spot-on satire of the direction this country (USA) and much of the world is heading as the forces of Corporatism (Fascists) take over the world. A must read.

11-01 - The Blue Fox – Sjón

Short but powerful; evocative, enigmatic, excellent. See the fox; be the fox; read the book.

11-15 - Dubliners – James Joyce

Joyce redefined the short story with this collection. Read it over and over again.

12-01 - Dublinesque – Enrique Vila-Matas

An imaginative journey connecting the worlds of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, and all they symbolize.

12-15 - Barfly — Charles Bukowski

The underside of life in L.A. by an author that lived it.


[Note: 12-15 title is a correction to avoid duplicate reads.]

Please note the change

The direct domain “” will no longer be available to access the adjunct site dedicated to Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

A couple of months back I decided to make the FQ website into a sub-site on my long-standing site dedicated to general reading (and critical thinking) … A Celebration of Reading or ACOR. All the secondary pages that once were a part of the FQ site were moved to ACOR and the FQ site was retained to allow a second weblog stream, one dedicated to The Faerie Queene and the other more general (including the Experimental Fiction (XFX) site).

From ACOR you can access the Faerie Queene weblog by following the link under the ACTIVE menu. This allows a fairly straightforward access to the FQ weblog and also allows more general access to the ACOR weblog and ancillary reading pages. The FQ weblog can still be accessed directly by changing your link to be … but then you’ll miss what’s new at ACOR.