Rodents Of Unusual Size

images.jpgThe dangers of the fire swamp are the flame spurt, the lightning sand, the Internet wormholes, and the dreaded Rodents Of Unusual Size (ROUS). Leslie has demonstrated the most effective way to avoid three of these dangers but no one has a viable way of avoiding Internet wormholes short of tossing your computer (or Smart Phone) into the Well at the World’s End.

I personally fall into what should be an easily avoidable wormhole in two seemingly innocent ways. The first is when I go to YouTube to catch up on the four or five video podcasts I follow and enjoy. Unfortunately the folks at Google tempt me with dozens of related or semi-related videos that seem to promise arcane knowledge of digital watches or at least a few minutes of entertainment ranging from mild humor to sexual enticement. My favorites tend to involve food porn (especially street food, down and dirty), classic rock covers played on obscure asian instruments, and videos displaying the my favorite comedian-du-jour (Lewis Black  rocks!). I also still insist on watching the How-To video whenever I need to restring my ukulele.

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Kids (1995)

KidsHere’s a tough movie to watch but at the same time, it’s a real eye-opener. I recently was reading about the film in several contexts but I naturally focused on Rosario Dawson (beautiful at any age). Chloë Sevigny was excellent also. I’m just reminded that one of the recent articles I read was selecting several of the most typical New York City types that are acting today … both Dawson and Sevigny were on the list.

Note that I couldn’t find Kids on any streaming service (Netflix, Amazon) but while watching the official trailer to this 1995 movie I realized that a complete (if not movie theater quality) copy of the film had been posted on YouTube.

Check it out.

Two things about Kids that I noticed: first, the boys are all chemically enhanced scum-bags, and second, the girls are not so innocent themselves.

Good movie, especially if you like raw and dangerous cinema verité.

XFX: Time Trap

This short video is wonderful and can easily give Star Wars a real challenge. But it also has opened up my appreciation of YouTube and has given me, yet again, a good reason to spend many hours growing old while browsing the internet for content … more content! Compare this little film to three hours of watching Peter Pan on network television.