The Big Bad Hoax

imagesWhy would you need a legal release absolving anyone Trump-Adjacent from illness or injury caused by a hoax?

Today I heard a commentator on the radio (Hal Sparks) posit that Bunker Baby has already let the horses out of the barn with his documented pronouncements, thereby making this after-the-fact release, whether signed or not, fundamentally worthless. But then the Malevolent Moron is not worried about that: following his normal procedure he will deny deny deny right up to what he expects will be a very loyal high court. It is all those affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, and volunteers that will ultimately take the blame and the hurt while the erstwhile King of Dumb sits on his golden throne declaring that they are all losers.

He’s gonna need a bigger bus.

Tired of Winning

download.jpgWhen they came for my cruise ship I ignored them since I wasn’t planning on ever taking cruise; when they closed the buffets I wasn’t worried since I was on a strict diet that precluded All-You-Can-Eat; when they came for my March Madness I only nodded since I no longer followed college basketball since John Wooden left us; when Broadway went dark I reminded myself that I no longer lived close enough to Manhattan to take a bus; but when they came for Disneyland I stood up, shook my fist, and shouted: “Okay! I’m officially tired of winning!!”

To quote Charlton Heston for the benefit of Der Drump: “You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

My Friend Irma

I’ve been collecting important papers for a trek north to Atlanta. I’m not sure this is necessary and it sure isn’t going to be fun, but my Son-In-Law says we’re headed for safety. In this area the power might go out in a stiff breeze so there’s a better chance to have lights to read a book, power to toast a burrito, and that glorious and addicting air-conditioning.

Let see: Passport, Last Will and Testament, Pink Slip, Dog Inoculation Record, iPhone, two-weeks worth of medicine, ten cans of dog food, The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg, sleep mask, C-Pap, … and the dog, of course.