Finally, a good reason to carry a gun

Reading William S. Burroughs (Cities of the Red Night) and he writes in the chapter titled “Etranger Qui Passait” that a contingent of mercenaries is traveling across the desert

Burroughs… naked except for desert boots, packs, and belts with eighteen-inch Bowie knives and ten shot revolvers chambered for a high-speed 22-caliber cartridge. They have automatic carbines of the same caliber in their packs, with thirty-shot clips. These weapons may be needed if a time warp dumps an old western posse in their laps.

The NRA and every Right-Wing gun nut in the country is free to use the logic expressed by Burroughs: after all, it makes just as much sense as the wing-nut excuses we hear from most of these people.

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Lost On a Path Through the Dark Forest

VollmannI don’t believe that I have ever heard a critic or a reader accuse William T. Vollmann of writing tight, exacting prose. Fact is, most of Vollmann’s work is a little shaggy. But it’s still good, fleas and all. If you are interested in a gritty representation of the world of sex, drugs, and hobos riding the rails, then I recommend Vollmann’s novel Royal Family. This big, hairy novel is the third text in Vollmann’s Prostitution Series which started with Whores For Gloria, followed by Butterfly Stories. In these novels the author deals with sex trade, street drugs, violence, social hierarchy, spiritual awakening, death, Lady Boys, and the best way to hop a train to Barstow. I don’t believe there is a strong requirement to read the novels in order but since they go from shorter to longer, it might be a good idea.

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