Second Quarter Reading At XFX

Don't PanicWith my upcoming move and the radical simplification of my life (not to mention dumping most of my books and belongings that I have acquired through the years), I’m intending to simplify the ACOR website. Right now I have every intention of continuing but the loss of my bookshelves and extra room for books and my sketchy eyesight suggests that I de-emphasize the bookshelves pages and possibly drop the XFX sub-site (blending it into the regular reading).

XFX has been around for a while and I know many readers have been introduced to new and experimental literature through the site. However, if I simplify things, I will keep going with ACOR. As I said, XFX would be integrated into the basic site and, after a review of whatever books may remain after the move, the Bookshelves may move to be a sub-item under Lists.

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Noir Novels

imgres.jpgThere’s one thing (amongst many) that truly shivers my timbers and that is when I am forced to admit that I never heard of an author … at least a serious author that doesn’t have Fabio on the cover of his book. But the Library of America series knew enough to publish a collection of five of the works of David Goodis: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and 50s.

Now I am not an inveterate reader of mystery novels (like my mother was: she would read three a day) but I have read authors such as Georges Simenon, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, even John D. MacDonald, still, I never heard of David Goodis. I was even familiar with the Bogart movie based on Goodis’s novel and I’m certain that my daughter, who teaches Cinema Noir at the university, is well aware of Goodis, but not me.

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Tough Keeping Up

images.jpgThere are plenty of new books being published that look like winners: some will challenge the gray cells, others will make for a pleasant evening’s entertainment; some are in English, others are in translation; some are big enough to choke a Hutt, others hardly need a bookmark; some deliver what they promise, others not so much.

But new books are always an adventure.

Still, there are plenty of old books out there: classics. Have you read all the authors who have survived the test of time? Just the best known books or also some of the more obscure titles? Do you tend to read your own country’s literature or are you open to writers from far away who might introduce you into a new world with unimagined characters and intriguing events?

These are the titles that popped up this last month. Have an adventure:

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