Bombs Away!

bombsI have been reading that the war hawks are being fueled for take-off, ready to bomb Syria or Iraq or Iran or someplace else that will look good on television and has a lot of oil (if lacking in oil, there are some preternaturally oily American companies that will gladly make their obscene profits providing substandard food and supplies to innocent troops who blindly assume the real enemy is the guys on the other side).

It is well that we remember this pathetic truth: the enemy on the other side just wants you to butt out of their conflict and will kill you if you don’t leave, whereas the American corporation will not kill you until you have contributed the time and effort required to make them an unconscionable profit … and then they could care less if you live or die.

Do you remember this photo:

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How Do You Decide What To Read?

DrugstoreThis is a perennial topic and with the internet now, it’s so much easier to keep informed about new books, to see what other people are reading; to share your experiences and tastes, and to expand your the world of reading. However, there is a trap: I expect I spend as much time on the Internet, both reading related and maintaining this website, as I do actually reading nowadays. So getting the straight story about books I might want to read, especially new books, is quite important.

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September Is In the Air

Mary PoppinsAh, September.Traditionally this was the start of the school year but now with the effects of climate change and parents who need the schools for extended babysitting, I see classes starting earlier and earlier (and going later and later).September is also the month that summer changes into fall. In New Jersey everyone was at the shore for Labor Day basking in the sun and chowing down on boardwalk pizza & zepoles and just 15 days later the heads came off the parking meters, the leaves fell off the trees, and the crisp smell of pumpkins was in the air.

This September for me will be momentous: my daughter is having her first child and I will officially become a grandfather. So my resumé now will read: Grandfather, Curmudgeon, Boulevardier.

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Tin HouseIt’s here: the latest issue of Tin House. I look for this well constructed, entertaining, and informative journal every quarter. This year I renewed my subscription for a few years but it wasn’t easy. Seems Tin House, which is headquartered in Oregon, uses a financial service in Florida to process payments, especially credit card payments. But the bank flagged the translacton as possibly fraudulent; I couldn’t identify the biller or if the biller was being represented, the billing processor; so I was forced to assume the charge might actually be fraudulent. My credit cards were torn up and I have to wait for new ones in the mail.

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