Bruno’s Dream

images-1.jpgLet’s see: Bruno is in bed, expected to die. He peruses his father’s stamp collection (symbolic?) and his own books of spiders. Several people take care of him: his son-in-law (whose wife died and is a bit of a cad), a younger woman who cleans and cooks and keeps the son-in-law warm at night, a somewhat untrustworthy caregiver, and later two visiting women associated with Bruno’s estranged son.

There are a few other characters to complicate the narrative and one overriding theme:  most of the characters seem to fall in love with one or more of the other characters, usually inappropriately.

Most of the novel goes by, tossing human complications this way and that, before you get to anything that might constitute Bruno’s Dream. Up until the last part of the book the reader might suspect that all the love and sex confusion would be revealed as just a dream (Bobby Ewing?). But then:

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Rock n Roll Babes From Outer Space

imgres.jpgThis is not a long lost novel by Dostoevsky .. or even Carlton Mellick III. RnRBFOS is a light, fun romp involving slackers, rock n roll, outer space babes, Bondi Beach, sex, drugs, eating habits, multiple vaginas-on-demand, idiom confusion, green skin and antennae.

Sounds good? I personally find that fun, irreverent, ultra-hip fiction, especially anything that smacks of science fiction, quickly looses its flavor. Although often disappointing, this type of fiction is both appetizing and certainly fills a need for the general reading public (a bit above Mellick and far below Dostoevsky). I think I might try similar fiction but in the format of short stories.

The author, Linda Jaivin, is Australian (although born in Connecticut) and she has a tasty looking list of available titles so I urge you to check out her stuff; after all, billions of sentient creatures across the universe love this stuff and sometimes I’m just an old fart.

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Putin’s Real Long Game

Third, information warfare is not about creating an alternate truth, but eroding our basic ability to distinguish truth at all. It is not propaganda as we’ve come to think of it, but the less obvious techniques known in Russia as active measures and reflexive control. Both are designed to make us, the targets, act against our own best interests.

From Politico

Remember, DT has repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly denied that Russia had any influence on the presidential election.


Secrets and Conspiracies

logo.pngIt’s a new year and a new reading list from the Atomic Books Reading Club. If you are in the Baltimore area I urge you to stop off at Atomic Books and maybe even join the monthly reading group.

The reading group admits that they are not sure about what will happen in 2017 but a selection centering around secrets and conspiracies certainly couldn’t be that far off. Just think, Alex Jones may be making the 2017 predictions!

Here are the titles selected for 2017:

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