What Time’s the Next Cult?

Every year one of the most intriguing book discussions is announced by Atomic Books but somehow this year I just found out about it. I blame Covid. Still, it’s only August and there’s still time to read. Furthermore. the selections are still guaranteed to rearrange your little gray cells. Note the juicy selections as introduced in the Atomic Reading Club for 2022 – Cults.

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Remember the Axe

No one can accuse me of not embracing the latest fads and slavishly following the top influencers on the internet. Whether it’s a tricky dance step on TicTok, a life-threatening challenge on Twitter, or the latest act of stupid cruelly enacted by some unnamed Florida governor, just point me to the end of the line and I’m there!

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Between Your Cheek and Jaw

Okay. As they say, I’ve done my research and I’ve discovered what Americans consider a far better path to entertainment and enlightenment than sitting in a comfy chair and reading a good book. First I donned my old Superman fire suit, left over from a brief foray into dirt track racing many years ago, and opened the wide world of inscrutable evil colloquially known as TikTok.

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