Summer Reading

Summer is when the youth of this privileged country tend to flee from school-work, dress codes, and life governed by the sound of a very disagreeable bell, only to congregate at neighborhood pools, sandy beaches, or summer jobs paying minimum wage in exchange for a silly uniform and all the fries you can eat. How many of you experienced a Summer Reading Assignment? How many actually read the assigned books?

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Is That a Stilton?

My parents were proponents of subscriptions to youth to magazines, records, books, anything that came regularly and kept me busy and satisfied. I don’t remember them all, but there was a recording of such favorites as Big Rock Candy Mountain, a magazine for the Boy Scouts even when I was only a Cub, a book showing me how things worked which made me an expert in television production by the time I was nine, and an inherited subscription to the Cheese-of-the-Month Club.

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