Poor Billy

After reporting on a salacious Halloween costume that was clearly directed towards creating a predictable response from the males in the audience, Billy Bush made a private, third-grader joke and was caught in an open microphone. The sky is falling! Billy Bush is so sweet: let Jackie Martling make a comment into that open microphone and really see what a crude joke is all about.

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Water Water Everywhere

From crippling drought to crippling flood, will we never learn that it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. There is one thing I accept from the more conservative pundits: It’s always something (or was it Roseanne Roseannadanna?). Fact is, climate change is a key element in the current explosion of “once in a century” weather events.

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The Beavis & Butt-Head Syndrome

A few years back I visited an independent bookstore which only offered titles dedicated to overt feminism, lesbian activities, and possibly a few other LGBQ+ issues. Despite being a meat eating grunt, I am fascinated by gender studies and this bookstore was a wonderland.

But what if I was offended by the open display of a more liberal representation of sexuality than I accepted?

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