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By davidpneff
Tuesday Jul 19, 2016 · 1:56 AM EDT
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Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-CA) has told the press that they plan to launch a federal investigation that Michelle Obama plagiarized Melania Trump’s speech in her 2008 DNC speech.

“The similarities between Michelle Obama’s speech and Melania Trump’s speech are far too great to be passed off as pure chance,” Gowdy told The Neff Report.

Gowdy noted the following similarities:

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The Tale of Two Atlantis’s

images-1.jpgSearching through lists of unread texts I have squirreled away in my little library, I came across several unread pieces by an author I once loved greatly but hadn’t read in years and years: Ursula K. Le Guin. I actually discover Le Guin because she was the daughter of the anthropologist Alfred Louis Kroeber of Ishi fame (what, you don’t know all about Ishi, the last of his tribe  who single-handedly waged war on the United States and later lived out his like in a San Francisco museum?).

Back in the sixties when Le Guin started being published, there was a youthful movement directed at getting closer to mankind’s roots and living in a more direct relationship with the earth and it’s bounty. It was a time of Diggers and Hippies and Communes and an emphasis on accepting responsibility for the whole earth. Le Guin’s imaginative fiction reflected these themes and became very popular.

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The Great American Novelist

images.jpgHe wrote the Great American Novel and he is my nomination for the most underrated American writer of all time. He’s Conrad Richter and his trilogy The Awakening Land (The Trees,  The Fields, The Town) augmented by The Sea of Grass and The Grandfathers is arguably the greatest novel written by an American about the American experience. Richter’s prose is lyrical but precise and he can paint a word picture that plops the reader into the heart of the dense natural forests of early America,forests that are all gone now.

I cannot recommend reading The Awakening Land with any more praise and esteem. My words are insufficient: only reading the novels can expose the greatness of the narrative.

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Wind, Sand, and Stars

images.jpgI took college level French in the sixties. Having grown up twelve miles from the Mexican border, taking Spanish classes in Junior and Senior High School, and having an exchange student from South America living with me meant my Spanish was pretty good. At the University Spanish was not suggested for my major’s language requirement, so I shifted to French.

They speak of how knowing one Romance Language makes all the others easier. In some ways I expect that’s true. But no one warns you that learning similar languages can screw up your knowledge of both languages. To this day I inter-mix French words with Spanish words and sometimes throw in an English word when I’m really frustrated.

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