Chili Size

When I was young my parents would take us kids on vacation to the land of my parent’s youth, Arizona. One year my Aunt excitedly took me to a road-side cafe and general store where her friend the proprietor made this wondrous dish I was sure to enjoy. Seems the old gent had been exposed to this dish on a trip back east and when he returned to his little desert bodega, he recreated it from memory.

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From Wycherley To Watson

It’s Three o’clock in the morning. St. Louis television ended its day a two hours ago and I still cannot sleep. The office at the hospital complex was only a short drive on deserted streets, The newest digital computer had been dropped off there for our experimenting before it was to be formally installed in the official hospital environment. I had to touch it, to watch its flashing lights and toggle its many switches.

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