Inventory: Q

Ellery Queen — 20th Century Mystery Writer

  • The Greek Coffin Mystery, Novel, 2018

Raymond Queneau — 20th Century French Author and Critic

  • Excercises in Style, Story Collection, 2007/2009
  • The Flight of Icarus, Novel, 2008
  • Le Chiendent, Novel, 2008
  • We Always Treat Women Too Well, Novel, 2010
  • The Last Days, Novel, 2017

Francisco de Quevedo — 17h Century Spanish Author

  • The Swindler, Novel, Picaresque, 2000

Qiu Xiaolong— 21st Century Chinese Author

  • Death of a Red Heroine, Novel, 2019
  • When Red Is Black, Novel, 2019

Ann Quin — 20th Century British Author

  • Berg, Novel, 2012
  • Three, Novel, 2012
  • Passages, Novel, 2012
  • Tripticks, Novel, 2012

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