Dreaming of Bubbles Girardi

I have been dreaming a lot lately. I suppose it is the lack of most stimuli brought on by the pandemic cocooning. My routine at night is still the same: underwear, melatonin, Tempur-pedic, bi-pap, oxygen machine, night light, old time radio. I am aware I often work real-life experience into my dreams, like having to pee or being mildly panicked by my breathing machine. But more and more often I return to visit places, experience events, or meet with past acquaintances .. usually in some twisted or frustrating way.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Emmy Noether was a pure mathematician who can be credited with making Einstein’s Theory of Relativity understandable and applicable to physicists and mathematicians in the previous century. Eugenia Cheng, in the WSJ, provides a good introduction to the contributions made by this important scientist.

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I just found out that Godzilla is a liberal Democrat.

Yeah, I know: that sounds crazy and I’ll admit that it’s just a bit of mythical semiotics used to target the more gullible followers of the last guy and it would have been more honest to acknowledge that Godzilla, although having no political affiliation himself, had been indoctrinated by the Democrats to intimidate, squash, and reduce true Patriots to smoldering piles of burbling ash.

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