Reading From the Bunker

James-JoyceMy apologies to Jody Hamilton (who graces her bunker much better than I do mine).

Another month of lock-down; another month of frozen dinners; another month of deep stupidity coming from Washington D. C.; another month of mendacious moronity from the White House; another month of reading; and another month of reading suggestions.

Actually, my reading seems to be going up like Covid-19 cases in Texas but I’m not sure it is following my own suggestions. Take this last month: I read well over twenty books but only two titles are on the suggested list. But then, the reading does not track closely with the suggestions so the evidence may be unreliable.

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Then Came Bronson

download.jpgApple has announced major changes in their various platforms’ operating systems. Unfortunately, unlike my iPhone and iPad, my desktop unit is not being supported. Hey, the old computer is in great shape, powerful, and hardly exercised by the uses I put it to, but I’ve experienced the mess of trying to coordinate different levels of software across devices and it’s not pretty. Last time this happened I eventually went out and bought a new laptop to eliminate the disparity.

So I ordered a new desktop. Basically the same as the old one only seven years newer and much faster.

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Cures For Melancholy

Too Old To Read?

mufs088-b030-i740-001Obviously a stupid question: You’re Never Too Old To Read!!! However, the wear and tear on the aging body does make even small, everyday activities difficult, let alone reading.

Despite having a stroke almost twenty years ago, my brain still seems to be functioning with only the occasional brain fart or a deep dive into memory-loss. However, my eyes required over eighteen months of intense therapy before they could focus sufficiently to read or drive or get a spoonful of mashed potatoes into the center of my open mouth. Even today I find it easier to read with one eye closed.

Also, I need several tissues on hand since both my eyes dribble salty tears even though it’s not my party.

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