Transgender Sports

I have a small collection of mind games I keep neatly folded behind my left ear, ready to fill any idle time too often dedicated to cookies and porn. In one I reach back to my university days and attempt to recite Shakespeare’s Macbeth (with realistic thunder, lightening, and rain). In another I build a sturdy workbench in my garage from a random stack of two-by-fours and a small bag of nails. Sadly, I even mentally recreate various failed or disappointing elements of my long struggling sex life, mentally fulfilling my fallow lust.

But those are too easy: transgender participation in organized sports is hard.

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Twenty-Six Years of the Best

Back in 2012 I stopped to list what I considered the best bools I had read over the last few years. Now a decade or more has passed and I’m repeating the effort. I suppose it makes for an interesting list but for those looking to expand their own reading, there is a great deal of quality literature listed below.

The current top of the 2023 list: A Glastonbury Romance — John Cowper Powys

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