Poor Billy

After reporting on a salacious Halloween costume that was clearly directed towards creating a predictable response from the males in the audience, Billy Bush made a private, third-grader joke and was caught in an open microphone. The sky is falling! Billy Bush is so sweet: let Jackie Martling make a comment into that open microphone and really see what a crude joke is all about.

If you listen to internet radio, you might be familiar with stations that play the work of comedians 24 hours a day. Some stations are censored but most are not, and if you want to experience some of the filthiest, most disturbing, and howl-out-loud humor, these are the places to go.

My mother once told me she didn’t like Don Rickles because he worked blue. Aw, how quaint. Compare a well-know dirty mind, Redd Foxx, with Nikki Glaser, No comparison? Actually there is: Foxx only implied the naughty bits while Nikki talks about blow jobs like they’re going to be on the next pop quiz at school.

And little Billy showed a small sparkle of wit that an honest society would have chuckled at even if it had been a part of the regular broadcast.

By the way, what sounds most offensive: Woody or erection?

Here’s a reminder of the titles I suggested daily last month.

12-01-22 – A System So Magnificent It Is Blinding — Amanda Svensson
12-02-22 – Killers of a Certain Age — Deanna Raybourn
12-03-22 – Schooled — Ted Fox
12-04-22 – Dinosaurs: A Novel — Lydia Millet
12-05-22 – The Tin Collectors: A Novel — Stephen J. Cannell
12-06-22 – Sugar Street – Jonathan Dee
12-07-22 – Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm — Laura Warrell
12-08-22 – Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics — Gregory J. Gbur
12-09-22 – The Rabbit Hutch — Tess Gunty
12-10-22 – Bugsy Siegel: The Dark Side of the American Dream — Michael Shnayerson
12-11-22 – Haven — Emma Donoghue
12-12-22 – The Town of Babylon — Alejandro Varela
12-13-22 – Winter Recipes From the Collective — Louise Glück
12-14-22 – I Fear My Pain Interests You — Stephanie LaCava
12-15-22 – The Age of Prudence — Mark Ford
12-16-22 – Hawk Mountain — Conner Habib
12-17-22 – The Undying Grass — Yashar Kemal
12-18-22 – Concerning My Daughter — Kim Hye-jin
12-19-22 – Hippie Hippie Shake — Richard Neville
12-20-22 – The Story of Russia — Orlando Figes
12-21-22 – The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida — Shehan Karunatilaka
12-22-22 – The Last Chairlift — John Irving
12-23-22 – This Must Be the Place — Maggie O’Farrell
12-24-22 – The Black Spider — Jeremias Gotthelf
12-25-22 – Shrines of Gaiety — Kate Atkinson
12-26-22 – The Graveyard Apartment — Mariko Koike
12-27-22 – Babysitter — Joyce Carol Oates
12-28-22 – The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby — Tom Wolfe
12-29-22 – Cradles of the Reich — Jennifer Coburn
12-30-22 – Stella Maris— Cormac McCarthy
12-31-22 – Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions: A Novel in Interlocking Stories — Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi

What are your thoughts on this?

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