How It Works


It is a reasonable argument that it was the greed of the major news outlets which enabled the current installation of Fascism to arrive in the United States of America. Now the American Press is under attack by the administration which clearly understands that a free press is the strongest barrier against their unlimited expansion of power.

Freedom of the Press is under attack. Freedom of Speech is under attack.

images.jpgSo the question is: do we as Americans stand with the press and hope that raw greed crumbles in the face of a threat to the American ideals and the Constitution of the United States, or whether we join in with the jack-booted oppressors and assist in guaranteeing to destruction of this once promising nation.

We don’t need any alternate truths. When you hear a lie, call it for what it is: a lie, not an alternate truth.

Don’t give up your freedoms.

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