Lingering Over the Ritardandos

Can you relate to this observation?

images-2.jpg“I remember clearly how we read back then. The whole ecstasy of that youthful reading, it wasn’t reading, but galloping, racing through books. We sought out the racehorse of action, direct speech, short, muscular expressions. We hated the ritardandos, the descriptions of nature, who needed them . . .

Now I feel the need to stop, like an old man winded by climbing up a slope he used to take in three bounds. The hidden pleasures of slowness. I love to linger long over some “It was a pleasant May morning, the birds were shouting with song, the dew glowed beneath the sun’s soft rays . . .”

Excerpt From: Georgi Gospodinov, Translated from the Bulgarian by Angela Rodel: The Physics of Sorrow.

3 thoughts on “Lingering Over the Ritardandos

    1. Thank you. I too will reach 70 before this new year is over. Maybe I should start reading Anatomy of Melancholy and all those other boring old tomes on my bucket list. Or, apropos to the book under discussion, maybe I should turn around and start regressing … go back through all those years of development and aging, ending up with my very own copy of Everyone Poops.

      Then again, once seems like enough. Maybe I’ll read some Yeats.


      1. I’m reading Shakespeare, Trollope, Tennyson and Wordsworth, so I got there first lol. As for Anatomy of Melancholy. I read it. Don’t bother, life is too short and there’s too much good stuff out there to bother.


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