Memory: Essays

When I was a young boy I wallowed in comic books and cheap humor magazines. Then I spent hours lingering in the candy store ogling the lurid covers of girly magazines, too afraid to actually buy a copy to hide under my bed. In High School my mushy brain was introduced the great variety of literature: poems by John Keats, novels by William Golding; dramas by Shakespeare; movies by Stanley Kubrick; Short Stories by Zacherli; modern dance by Freddie.

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Atomic Books Rocks!

What is the perfect rock book? Is there a perfect rock book? Can such a thing even exist?

The 2021 theme for the Atomic Books Reading Club is Rockers. For many people, what they’ve missed the most during the pandemic is live music, communing with artists, EVH. What better way to remind ourselves about the meaning of music and the arts in our lives than reading about it and talking about it?

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