Howard Hessman

Back around 1980 I attended a three-day training seminar on effective video presentations. A small group of company students prepared effective presentations that we then video taped and closely critiqued. Two things stand out about that retreat: The first was the abundance of rich, expensive food (the endless scallops wrapped in bacon were a treat) and second was that I looked exactly like Howard Hessman. It was even suggested that Hessman actually looked like me.

Now, even then I was not a big fan of television. Generally I had one or two shows I watched regularly—Northern Exposure, Moonlighting, Picket Fences, or Dick Cavett—but I didn’t watch WKRP so I had to look up Dr. Johnny Fever when I returned home. Yeah, he did look like me.

But now he has died and I’m not feeling so great myself. I wonder if TPC still has that old video tape of me hidden in a closet somewhere.

Dr. Johnny Fever dies and then the Bengals are in the Super Bowl? Where’s Beelzebub?

What are your thoughts on this?

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