They Had To Be White Chickens?

A few hundred-thousand years ago one fast talking knuckle dragger rose up before the campfire and convinced his hairy warriors that their incredibly cruel and gruesome neighbors must be crushed beneath their huaraches lest all known civilization be destroyed.

Thus a friendly prehistoric village was torched and all its sleeping inhabitants chopped and channeled. The fire-talker became chief and the expanded village prospered until a hungry pride of vicious lions stopped by.

I see a pattern here. Lie. Lie. Lie. Obfuscate the truth. Do hateful things to win. Eventually your bones will be scuttled away to line the walls of a pack rat’s nest.

How very Republican.

The key element to human civilization is, arguably, the ability to generate a world view that is not true and then to convince enough people that it is true and that only you can make it right. He who has the most convincing lie, wins!

I know that the anti-woke, anti-critical thinking movement is strong in this country, but it’s not all delusional ignorance. If you have a small shop repairing veeblefetzers in a quiet alley in Dubuque, Iowa, you probably believe Portland, Oregon, is a pile of burning cinders. You believe that there actually is a Hunter Biden laptop. You fear the vicious, diseased, hoards clamoring for a worry-free border crossing including free lottery tickets. You know in your heart that TFG deserves all our sympathy, understanding, and money.

If your level of critical thinking revolves around the time to feed the chickens, you might be a Republican and assuredly you are being scammed.

By the way, the second Oop that rose up at that prehistoric campfire waved a colorful rattle, threw fairy dust into the night sky, and Ooped a prayer or two before climbing a tree and swatting at the twinkling lights just beyond his reach. The tribe was thus blessed and prepared for the next day’s slaughter and carnage.

The Red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams – 1883-1963

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

What are your thoughts on this?

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