My Friend Irma

I’ve been collecting important papers for a trek north to Atlanta. I’m not sure this is necessary and it sure isn’t going to be fun, but my Son-In-Law says we’re headed for safety. In this area the power might go out in a stiff breeze so there’s a better chance to have lights to read a book, power to toast a burrito, and that glorious and addicting air-conditioning.

Let see: Passport, Last Will and Testament, Pink Slip, Dog Inoculation Record, iPhone, two-weeks worth of medicine, ten cans of dog food, The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg, sleep mask, C-Pap, … and the dog, of course.


Holy Hurricane, Batman !!!

Let me look at that list again:

  • Move to Tallahassee
  • Survive a Hurricane
  • Spend a week without power
  • Add a few days before internet is restored

Are we having fun yet?

imgres.jpgActually we were very lucky. This is a neighborhood full of trees, mostly big and green, that performed a creditable stadium wave in the high winds just after midnight. We lost power very early but it was restored within the hour; then, as I started to download an operating system update, everything went black and quiet … there were no longer any electrical or digital murmurings to counter the whistling winds and groaning trees outside. Soon I realized this also meant Florida in the summer with no A/C.

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Summer Reading At Tin House

M-TH68-SK-rgb.jpgIt’s here .. the latest issue of Tin House Magazine. But even more important, I can now access the digital edition of the journal, thus saving me space in my soon-to-be restrictive digs down in Florida.

The new Tin House is #68 and is the annual Summer Reading issue. Just flipping through the pages I can see that there is a great deal of reading here that I will have to balance against my planned bookshelf reduction I so carefully detailed in advance of having to pack up my books prior to my move.

Here’s what they say:

Summer Reading


Fiction: Dorthe Nors, Malerie Willens, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Saša Stanišić, Deb Olin Unferth, Michael Braunschweig, Alexis M. Smith, Eric Puchner, Josh Weil, Sean Ennis, Jackson Tobin

Features: Michael Dickman, Marin Sardy

Poetry: Dorianne Laux, Sam Riviere, John Ashbery, Joseph Millar, Michael Burkard, Per Aage Brandt, Anna Journey

Lost & Found: Nathan Gauer, Alexandra Pechman, Sarah Bridgins, Joel Drucker, Whitney Otto

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