Then Came Bronson

download.jpgApple has announced major changes in their various platforms’ operating systems. Unfortunately, unlike my iPhone and iPad, my desktop unit is not being supported. Hey, the old computer is in great shape, powerful, and hardly exercised by the uses I put it to, but I’ve experienced the mess of trying to coordinate different levels of software across devices and it’s not pretty. Last time this happened I eventually went out and bought a new laptop to eliminate the disparity.

So I ordered a new desktop. Basically the same as the old one only seven years newer and much faster.

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It’s Almost June

downloadToday my daughter is taking me and the family out of the house for a drive to a local wildlife sanctuary (no, not Lake of the Ozarks). I’ve put on my big-boy pants but I still contemplating the choice of sneakers or sandals, not to mention the need for socks. Seems like the biggest problem for our outing will be bathroom facilities: the word out is Hold It! I suspect a public restroom or a Port-a-Potty might not meet the guidelines for avoiding the virus. I wonder if there are large bushes where we’re going (although I already have been warned about the alligators so a bush might not be advisable).

I’ve been mulling over and adjusting this month’s reading list for several weeks now and still keep making last-minute changes. I think I’ve overloaded the reading for June but based on the last few month’s results, it might be a good thing.

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Reading Has Been Very Very Good To Me

download.jpgI have been reading so many good books lately: some are good stories but not that great and some are time-honored classics. My list of shame still has dozens of books I am embarrassed to have not read but I have chipped away a few. To this end I am dedicating a few titles each month to the big fat classics I want to read before I die: authors such as Henry James, Charles Dickens, and Alexander Dumas.

But that leaves plenty of room for more contemporary books that have caught my fancy or have been general appraised as being of high value. Considering the number of books I read, I’m very lucky to be pleasantly surprised by most, even if not succumbing to cartwheels and fireworks. Interestingly, many of my meh reads are those books that have been hyped in the press (literary or not). Is this a factor of my disappointment in almost anything found on the front table at Barnes and Noble, or is the current state of literate writing on the downslope?

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Stairway To the Wall

images.jpgAfter the death of William Wirt Winchester, his wife Sarah inherited vast amounts of money including a sizable interest in her deceased husband’s firearms company. She also received a spiritualist warning that as long as the construction on the family palace in San Jose continued, she would escape death, possibly from the ghosts of those killed by Winchester repeating riles.

I first heard of the Winchester House in grade school when a student shared the story about stairways to the ceiling and doors in the walls with no rooms on the other side. Several years later on a family trip to San Francisco we drove past the house but didn’t take the tour. Years after that I saw the house again, standing in the midst of typical suburban sprawl: strip malls, multi-cinemas, car dealerships.

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