Yet Another List

download-1.jpgEver since I left home and pursued life and literature on my own I have kept lists: lists on paper, lists in notebooks, list on index cards, list in crude computer programs, lists in sophisticated computer programs, lists at various online list sites, lists at my own online sites, lists surrounding a weblog, weblogs surrounding lists, lists in the cloud. lists in my head. Echoing the old unix cliché: YALs.

I am always looking for interesting or intriguing books to read and I of course add them to Yet Another List. Although I may search all over the internet or scan (electronically) the stacks at several libraries, or even poke around in my own bookshelves, nowadays I generally spot new titles from sources such as Amazon. the NYT book pages, NYRB, Atomic Books, or even noticing them in the reading list of anothher online book reader or reviewer.

Believe me, the availability of reading suggestions is overwhelming.

But I continue to add my own daily suggestions, even if they are lost in a sea of unread possibilities. Look at the suggestions from last month .. anything pop out and leap onto your own reading list?

06-01-17 – Weaponized Lies: How To Think Critically In the Post-Truth Era — Daniel J. Levitin
06-02-17 – Ill Wil — Dan Chaon
06-03-17 – Transit — Rachel Cusk
06-04-17 – The Flaming Corsage — William Kennedy
06-05-17 – Autumn – Ali Smith
06-06-17 – The Gloaming — Melanie Finn
06-07-17 – The End of Imagination — Arundahti Roy
06-08-17 – Naoko: A Novel — Keigo Higashino
06-09-17 – The Invention of Angela Carter — Edmund Gordon
06-10-17 – The Familiar, Volume 4, Hades — Mark Z. Danielewski
06-11-17 – Henry IV, Part I — William Shakespeare
06-12-17 – Spaceman of Bohemia — Jaroslav Kalfar
06-13-17 – Lolly Willowes — Sylvia Townsend Warner
06-14-17 – Don Juan: His Own Version — Peter Handke
06-15-17 – Bright Air Black — David Vann
06-16-17 – Mauve — Simon Garfield
06-17-17 – Coup de lune — Georges Simenon
06-18-17 – A Decent Ride — Irvine Welsh
06-19-17 – My Darling Detective — Howard Norman
quirk-oliver-twist06-20-17 – From the Fatherland with Love — Ryu Murakami
06-21-17 – Al Franken: Giant of the Senate — Al Franken
06-22-17 – Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations — Mike Figgis
06-23-17 – Pecking Order — Nicole Homer
06-24-17 – Eileen: A Novel — Ottessa Moshfegh
06-25-17 – No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need — Naomi Klein
06-26-17 – Two Serious Ladies — Jane Bowles
06-27-17 – Last Words From Montmartre — Qiu Miaojin
06-28-17 – A Man and His Presidents — Alvin Felzenberg
06-29-17 – Pygmalion — George Bernard Shaw
06-29-17 – SURGE: A Dystopian Cyberpunk Fantasy — Kelsey Lee Connors
06-30-17 – Mary Poppins, She Wrote: The Life of P. L. Travers — Valerie Lawson


What are your thoughts on this?

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